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What are ringer t-shirts?
Ringer t-shirts feature contrasting colors on the collar and sleeve edges, adding a distinctive style to the classic tee.

Where can I find a wholesale supplier for ringer t-shirts?
Look no further – our manufacturing facility serves as a reliable wholesale supplier for high-quality ringer t-shirts.

Are the ringer t-shirts from Bangladesh of good quality?
Yes, our Bangladesh-based manufacturing ensures top-notch quality in every ringer t-shirt we produce.

Can I order ringer t-shirts in bulk for a wholesale price?
Certainly, we offer bulk orders for ringer t-shirts at competitive wholesale prices to meet your business needs.

Do you ship ringer t-shirts to Australia?
Yes, we provide shipping services to Australia, ensuring your ringer t-shirts reach you in a timely manner.

Are there any specific designs available for ringer t-shirts?
Our collection includes a variety of designs, ensuring you find the perfect ringer t-shirt that suits your style.

Can I customize ringer t-shirts with my own logo or design?
Absolutely, take advantage of our customization services to imprint your logo or design on ringer t-shirts for a personalized touch.

Are there any minimum order requirements for wholesale purchases?
Contact us to discuss your specific wholesale requirements; we cater to orders of varying quantities to accommodate your needs.